Headshot of Greg Miller

Greg Miller

proprietor of the Sandpiper Inn

Hi & Pura Vida from Costa Rica! Pura Vida means "Happy & Healthy living", which I try to live by. My name is Greg Miller and I have been on this amazing planet now for 53 years...

I think you will find my Bio very different & I hope inspiring!

I am from Seal Beach California, but growing up, got to live all over the World. Lived in Japan for about a 1 1/2 years, went to high school in Morocco for 2 1/2 years, lived in France & Belgium for about 3 years... My Dad would just move the family & hope to get a job. To me, a very cool way of experiencing growing up!

Very young I started surfing, living at the beach... I just loved the ocean... In the water all day. Then in my mid teens I started riding my bike everywhere... Living in Morocco, I rode 30 miles to the beach with surfboard, surfed all day & then rode home... I found I was pretty strong on a bike after returning back to California. So I started racing road bikes... I became 4x State Champion & then went on to make the 1980 US National/Olympic team cycling team.

Mid 1979, I was asked (because of my strength & weight) to travel up to Bakersfield California to strap myself into a Pedal Powered Airplane, named the Gossamer Condor... This was history being made... Man has always wanted to fly under his own power & we ended up winning a $100,000.00 prize that had been up for 60 years! My first flight was only 15 seconds, then a few months later, 5min., then 20 min. with a left turn & then a right... When our team was presented the $100,000.00 prize, we were flown to England & had dinner with Prince Charles... Super cool... At dinner, they said we are now going to offer $200,000.00 to the first person to fly across the English Channel (England to France), figuring it was going to take another 30 years... Our team went back to the drawing board & 2 years later, we pedaled our new plane across the English Channel... The PBS / Nova TV channel made a documentary movie of the challenge of designing, building, piloting our Human Powered Airplane which won the Oscar at the Academy awards! Now you can see the plane I flew on permanent display at the Smithsonian Air & Space museum, ironically hanging next to the Wright Bros. airplane. The Wright Bros. were Bicycle mechanics & 1981 I opened up my "Sandpiper Bicycle shop" that I ran for 25 years in Seal Beach, California.

In the late 80's I was racing HPV's, Human powered vehicles (picture a bicycle in a bubble) that would allow us to cheat the air drag & out team set a World record at 65.4mph on level ground... Then in 89' we took this bubble bike & our team rode this thing 24hours a day, NON STOP & pedaled from the beach of California to the GW Bridge in New York in 4 1/2 days! CRAZY!

In 1984 & then 3 more Olympic Games, I was the Chief bicycle mechanic for the Games... Then in 1985 was my first of 9 years as mechanic of the Tour de France... Riding the lead Motorcycle through the Alps & Pyrenees mountains following the likes of Greg LeMond & Lance Armstrong! Riding the lead Moto took me to many other races from Malaysia, China, Australia, all over Europe!

Now, for the last 7 years, I have opened up a small hotel on a black sand beach in Costa Rica. Some of the best surfing waves in the World with 83 degree water year round! One side of my hotel is back up against the rainforest & the other side is up against the beautiful Pacific waves!

What a life! A lot of super Highs but I had a very low blow thrown at me 2 years ago... My son of 23 years who was my cook at my hotel/restaurant here in Costa Rica passed away in an instant from an accident... He was my best friend... We lived, worked & surfed together... I guess, what more can you ask for? I spread his ashes out front of the hotel here where I surf every day & feel very close to him... Some days, he kicks my ass throwing me a BIG wipeout, but I smile & say thanks, Davis, I Love ya!

Life is so short & special... We got to live it & we only got 1 shot... So go out & do it!

So here I am, at 53 years old & watching a show with Dr. Oz on & he is getting his "Butt Check" & yes, they find something! Then I met up with Kim on FB through a mutual friend & start reading her posts... So just 2 months ago, I went & had my "Butt Check"! And they did find 3 polyps. But they cut them out & found they were non-cancerous... Yeeppie! Yes, the prep the day before was yucky tasting, but hey it is over tomorrow... The actual butt check with putting you under, was nothing... Did not even know it happened... And ya know, the one message that really struck me was... You have gone into the hospital for a check & the Dr. says, "I am really sorry Greg, but if you had just come in 6 months ago, we would have been able to cut that polyp out... But now it has grown to where we can not help you anymore"! At that very moment, our life has changed as we have never known before... Oh, that so scares me! So here is my message to you... .Just take the 2 days off of work & go get your Butt checked... Then you can go right back to enjoying this ever so special short life we got! Do it now... Please!